Contract Research and Development

Pre-Formulation Studies

Contract Research and Development
  • Rapid screening studies
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) studies
  • Excipient compatibility studies
    • Solid and Liquid State

Solubility Screening

  • Solid Dispersions
  • Surfactant and co-solvent screenings
  • Analytical characterization of solid dispersions including kinetic solubility and dissolution rate.

Formulation & Process Development

  • Identify lead binary polymer / drug formulations
  • Characterize and Generate Stability Information
    • Super Saturation and Dissolution rate
    • Drug Assay and Purity
    • DSC & TGA
    • Microscopy
    • SEM, X-ray diffraction, NMR available through partner laboratorie
  • 3-10g melt extrusion batches
  • 50g and up twin screw extrustion batches (16mm)
  • 100g and up twin screw extrusion batches (18 mm)
  • 5kg and up twin screw extrusion batches (27 mm) 
  • Custom processes specific to your formulation or product include:
    • Drying and Material Handling
    • Feeder Selection
    • Screw design
    • Barrel configuration
    • Die design
    • Tight tolerance extrusion (film, fiber and shapes)
    • Feedback control systems