Dosage Forms

Foster Delivery Science is a contract research and manufacturing firm specializing in hot melt extrusion of active pharmaceutical ingredients and polymers for highly regulated applications including pharmaceuticals and implantable drug/device combination products. Foster’s inventory of downstream processing equipment is specifically designed for the manufacturing of customized delivery forms including: pellets, tablets, transdermal & transmucosal films, monofilaments, bioresorbable implants as well as drug eluting devices.


Contract Research & manufacturing for Solid Oral Dose & Implantable Drug Delivery

Foster Delivery Science provides hot melt extrusion services for the development and manufacturing of custom pharmaceuticals. Product forms manufactured by Foster Delivery Science include powder and granules for tablet pressing & capsule filling and films for transdermal patches.

Poorly Soluble Drugs

Recent advances in drug discovery have led to an increase in the number of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are poorly water soluble (PWS). These PWS drugs cannot be formulated using traditional methods. Hot melt extrusion is emerging as a leading technology for processing these ingredients.

Solid Dispersion Alternative

Compared to solvent processes aiming at solid molecular dispersions, hot melt extrusion technology offers a promising alternative. The polymer/drug blend is melted and extruded, which de-aggregates the API into small particles. This technology is suitable for both high dose and potent compounds and has been proven to provide sustained, modified, and targeted drug delivery.

Combination Devices

Foster Delivery Science provides contract services for the development and manufacturing for implantable drug delivery devices. These drug/device combination products can be comprised of either resorbable or non-resorbable polymers and include finished devices such as intrauterine implants, bone and tissue repair parts as well as drug eluting sutures.

Localized forms of drug delivery offer unique benefits of increased local bioavailability with decreased adverse events associated with systemic alternatives.  Drug delivery in this form also offers controlled release at the designated site over an extended period of time. 

Resorbable Implant Delivery 

Foster Delivery Science has the ability to blend bioresorbable polymer and compatible active pharmaceutical ingredients to provide precise drug delivery via implantable devices that will resorb over time.  These customized blends can be extruded into fiber or film, or injection molded to meet specific application requirements. 

Bioresorbable polymers have mechanical properties capable of withstanding structural loads yet retain a degree of elasticity not available with metal alloys.  The rate of bioabsorption can be engineered to meet specific application needs, such as the rate of new bone growth in orthopaedic applications.  

Processed via thermoplastic melt blending technology, bioresorbable materials used in drug/device combination products can be selectively enhanced through molecular weight variation and copolymerization. These formulations can offer a wide range of physical properties and degradation characteristics and can be designed to contain active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Temporary – Long Term Implant Delivery 

Local or systemic drug delivery  can be achieved with temporary implants in which active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are blended with non-resorbing polymers.  The non-resorbing polymer allows the implant to be removed at the conclusion of therapy. 

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is a polymer of choice for many temporary implant delivery systems.  This copolymer, comprised of ethylene and vinyl acetate, has a low melting temperature which allows for blending without degradation of selective APIs.  High flexibility and elongation of EVA reduces patient discomfort for implantable applications.